Upgrading the eco-cabins for Centre For Alternative Technology

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For more than 40 years, CAT has been helping people to learn about practical solutions for a green, healthy future, and how they can contribute to this. Set in a disused quarry in Mid Wales, our site is a demonstration and education centre, equipping people from all over the UK, as well as many from other parts of the world, to make positive changes in their lives and to undertake the green jobs so vital to our future. 

CAT’s Eco-cabins are designed to allow young people to monitor their resource use and environmental impacts for the duration of their stay, seeing how much electricity, firewood and water they consume. Visiting groups can choose from a wide variety of tours and workshops in subjects ranging from the physics of renewable energy to nature conservation. 

As a teacher who brought a group recently commented: “It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to really see how reliant we/they are on fossil fuels and energy, by actually living in the cabins for 48 hours or so – you can’t replicate that in a classroom!”

However, having been built over 25 years ago, the cabins needed upgrading to demonstrate and teach about sustainable living most effectively. With the first phase of this work done, CAT needed to start Phase Two, so approached the Naturesave Trust.  The Trust contributed £2,000 towards the cost of upgrading the heating system. This enabled the team at CAT to install modern stoves that will better represent state-of-the-art renewable heating systems, improve the comfort of the cabins, and be much more efficient. 

Please see cat.org.uk for more information and about all aspects of their work, or contact info@cat.org.uk.