4,500 Pairs of Pre-Worn Shoes Sent to Families in Need

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Sal’s Shoes collects good-condition, pre-worn shoes from across the country via a network of partner organisations, including charities and community organisations, social services, schools, baby banks (supporting families with 0–18-year-olds), and food banks. These shoes are distributed to those who need them most: families experiencing poverty, survivors of domestic violence, homeless people, refugees, and asylum seeker families. 

Sal’s Shoes are working tirelessly to preserve dignity in poverty, via the circular economy, delivering pre-loved shoes straight to those in need, while saving over 5 million pairs of shoes from landfill over the last 10 years. Feet in shoes are protected feet; feet protected from injury and infection, and, in areas of low sanitation, the spread of infection. “Naturesave’s grant has enabled us to distribute 4,500 pairs of shoes to children in need. That’s 4,500 children who have had a positive impact made on their lives thanks to the support of The Naturesave Trust.” says founder CJ Bowry OBE.

Sal’s Shoes is a charity that sends pre-worn shoes to those who need them. You can learn more about their work here.