Sewing and Swap Shop project reduces textile waste

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With funding support from the Naturesave Trust, Gilded Lily are delighted to announce their Redressed sewing and swap shop project for BMAE and local women in Govan. The project enables participants to learn skills to upcycle, recycle, or repair textiles and clothing, allowing them to create new products and repair damaged items thereby reducing textiles going to landfill.  Swap shops allow attendees to swap and share items no longer wanted or needed, further encouraging waste reduction and reuse.  

 “This grant will allow us to continue to deliver our vital services to women in the community, ensuring they have access to opportunities, reducing isolation and loneliness and building confidence, skills and friendships that help to build more cohesive and resilient communities”.  Mary MacLeod, Director.

Gilded Lily is an award-winning charity helping women to overcome barriers and become more confident and creative. You can learn more about their work here.