Setting Up An Organic Growing Project in Wales

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Cae Tan is an established Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project on the Gower peninsular that in spring 2018 set up a new venture, growing chemical-free salads, greens, herbs and flowers for local independent restaurants, cafes and shops. The project was set up and run by a new grower who trained at Cae Tan in 2017. Thanks to funding by the Naturesave Trust the CSA was able to purchase the initial hand tools, compost and seeds to get the project started. 

The project has helped towards building a new generation of organic growers in Wales, it has given training and employment to new aspiring growers and has provided a sustainable business model that can be replicated by others. 

Cae Tan are providing the community with highly nutritious products and raising awareness of fresh seasonal food and the value of chemical-free growing. The customers have been amazed by the quality of the salad as there is nothing else like it on the market in this area; they had forgotten what fresh salads taste like! 

A key aspect of the project is that it is environmentally responsible. By supplying businesses within a 10 mile radius of the farm, the carbon footprint is kept low. Regular customers are asked to supply reusable boxes in which to pack their produce so as to reduce plastic waste. Cae Tan has grown plants that are good for pollinators and insects and have taken care of the soil, this increases biodiversity and improves the health of the surrounding ecosystem. 

The group has help from volunteers who really enjoy the peacefulness and tranquillity of the garden and find that they have started to reconnect with the land and the community again. It has been a great place to discuss the importance of healthy food and responsible agriculture. 

Discover more about this community supported agriculture project via this short film or visit their website