Water sampling equipment used to monitor phosphate levels in Yeovil watercourses

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Yeovil Rivers Community Trust (YRCT), Yeovil Phosphate Management Project has been awarded a grant from The Naturesave Trust to fund water sampling equipment as part of the projects citizen science water sampling.  

The project aims to identify watercourses and other waterbodies within the Dodham Brook Catchment and sections of the River Yeo adjoining the confluence with the Dodham Brook which have problematic phosphate levels and to design, develop and implement mitigation measures to reduce legacy and current phosphate levels across the sub-catchment.

High levels of phosphate in watercourses can cause water pollution and lead to a loss in biodiversity. 

The project includes detailed monitoring and evaluation, and extensive education and engagement opportunities to raise awareness and public participation, including citizen science.

Lorne Thomson, Trustee and Chair of the Yeovil Rivers Community Trust, said:

“We are delighted to have received this grant which will enable the Yeovil Rivers Community Trust to purchase water sampling equipment as part of our Phosphate Management Project. The grant from The Naturesave Trust will allow us to gather vital data that will contribute to developing and implementing mitigation measures to help reduce phosphate levels and deliver biodiversity benefits across the catchment”

Yeovil Rivers Community Trust specialises in the restoration, preservation and sustainability of the rivers and streams in and around Yeovil and promotes the creation and management of ponds and wetlands for people and wildlife. You can learn more about their work here.