River Detectives trained to monitor water quality of rare chalk streams

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A grant has been used by Groundwork South to support more River Ranger volunteers. Additional equipment has been purchased to train them in riverfly monitoring to record the health of special and rare chalk streams.

Groundwork South train volunteers with dedicated training days led by river experts. They learn about the importance of monitoring so that we can campaign for remedial action to save the river habitat. They also learn about safety near rivers, the threat from invasive species and how to identify invasives, how to remove them and which ones to be careful of. The equipment: nets, trays, PPE etc is essential for the training as well as the ongoing monitoring. This ongoing monitoring by River Rangers is reported into regional data bases so that an accurate and up to date picture of the condition of our rivers can be maintained, problems can be detected early and we can request remedial action and campaign for more long term protection of our riparian habitat.

The funding has also helped with equipment for education days. The programme is called “River Detectives” and employs experts in outdoor education to lead trips for children.

Groundwork South is working across the South of England to create stronger, healthier communities, responsible business and greater prospects for local people. You can learn more about their work here.