Refurbished tools sent to disabled communities in Malawi

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The Ecology Centre have once again been working hard refurbishing tools destined for Malawi. Working with The Global Concerns Trust, these tools and Singer sewing machines will be provided to recipients in Malawi that have undergone a full 6 months training in either cane furniture making or tailoring. 

The Ecology Centre was the hub for the shipment taking in tools from other tool refurbishing charities, including Garvald workshops in Edinburgh, Beannachar Camphill Community Aberdeen, and Tools for Solidarity Belfast.

This consignment consists of 20 cane furniture making kits, 22 Singer sewing machines and 8 treadle bases all kindly donated by the general public.

The Ecology Centre have been fortunate to receive funds from The Naturesave Trust, which provided much needed funds covering the costs of wood for the shipping crates and also to assist with the purchase of tools that are in short supply.

The shipment was organized in partnership with The Global Concerns Trust, a charity woring with local charities in Malawi, who have worked tirelessly to identify communities that would benefit most from the donation. The tools will be distributed to local people all living with a pre-existing physical disability.

“We are delighted to have been able to facilitate this shipment of tools to Malawi,” said Lee Brown – Estate Operations Manager at The Ecology Centre. “It is fantastic to see the generosity of the public and the hard work of the volunteers coming together to make a real difference to people’s lives, and the support of The Naturesave Trust has most certainly been of great help organising this shipme

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