Plastic shredder set to repurpose plastic waste in Bristol

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Pirate Farms is pleased to announce that we have received funding from The Naturesave Trust to kick start the Pirate Plastic Project. The Pirate Plastics Project will work with local businesses and communities to reclaim single-use plastics, prevent them from entering our environment and turn them it into useful objects. True to our roots we’ll be kicking of with a dish that can be used to grow microgreens but also has a second life as a dish for a pot plant, or a soap dish, or a desk tidy – anything but waste! Power to the people is a key pirate principle, in the case of plastics it is up to communities to take back control, only then can we guarantee our plastic waste does not end up getting dumped in the environment.

“This funding has enabled us to invest in the plastic shredding machinery we need to start processing waste plastic reclaimed from businesses, homes and off the streets of Bristol.” Oscar Davidson – Captain, Pirate Farms.

Pirate Farms combines vertical farming technology with old school horticultural practices to grow ultra local, super fresh, and very healthy produce all-year-round. You can learn more about their work here.