New Electric Heating System For Eco Activity Centre

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Naturesave has part-funded the replacement of an oil-burning boiler with an electric model, greatly reducing the carbon footprint and runnings costs of Ringsfield Eco Activity Centre.

The centre is an innovative residential provider of Outdoor Education & Nature Connection programmes for schools and hosts groups of all kinds for Group Accommodation and Retreats.

Ringsfield really values providing warm hospitality, and with the demise of one of their old boilers, they had a huge challenge keeping the place warm. However, the content of their education programmes is usually ecological and environmental. So when the boiler failed, the organisation knew that they needed to find a solution that demonstrated both of these values. An energy-efficient electric boiler with thermal store seemed a perfect solution.

Funding is always a challenge for smaller charities, so without The Naturesave Trust grant, this would not have been possible. The end result is means Ringsfield have reduced their carbon footprint and saved money and been able to continue to offer warm hospitality as they engage children with an education that enlivens their love and care of the natural world.