Naturesave’s Sustainability Service

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We have been running sustainability support for SMEs since we first founded 30 years ago – funded by the Naturesave Trust. In 2023, after some years of planning (interrupted by the pandemic) we launched a new sustainability service that we felt would be a better fit for SMEs – so we moved away from using the excellent One Planet Living Framework to creating a service that felt more bespoke.

Despite this framework being extremely easy to understand we felt we needed to offer a service that is more reactive to the market needs, and the rapidly ever-changing (and worsening) climate and nature crisis.

Since our soft launch in March, our sustainability service has been a live ongoing research and development project – an unusual back-to-front means to launch a new service to market, but one we have found works. We have had no idea what our clients might ask us and what support they might need – so we approached it as a “suck it and see” coaching process – which so far has been met with great success.

Six months on we are beginning to see we are having all forms of requests for support from carbon footprinting guidance to policy development, with many interesting collaborations. The first client we worked with was happily a client we already personally knew – the Brighton Energy Coop. The first session was to bounce ideas with the marketing manager on the Sustainable Development Goals for branding. Next we also worked with Unlimited Potential – a Salford-based social enterprise that specialises in social innovation for happiness and health – the first organisation in northern England to gain the national Social Enterprise Mark. We discussed how to integrate sustainability into their service offering and will provide ongoing support where needed for business planning. Currently we are working with Clean for Good – an award-winning B Corp certified business with a social purpose and Living Wage Employer which delivers ethical and healthy cleaning for London businesses. Clean for Good asked for help with looking at their scope 3 carbon footprint to how to integrate carbon reporting to their Impact Reporting.

Our sustainability service used to just be open to Naturesave Insurance commercial clients, however The Naturesave Trust has given us the remit to open this service to ALL business. To begin we have opened this to Blue Patch members of whom we are patrons, and to members of Business Declare.

Why? We know there simply cannot be a net zero economy, without SMEs transitioning to net zero aligned operations. It may appear small the positive impact one small business can have on the planet when compared to the activity of the 100 businesses responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions. However, the aggregate impact of SMEs is huge. SMEs make up 90% of businesses worldwide, and comprises 99.9% of all UK business – giving them a key role in reducing carbon emissions. So we all have a role to play!

If you are a business we can provide up to 4 hours of free consultancy and sign-posting to free resources, to help your business align with the 1.5 temperature goals – and this is what we can help with!

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG) and foot printing with Compare your Footprint
  • Carbon management and reduction plans
  • Climate and ecological literacy for staff members
  • Communications tools for your suppliers and customers
  • Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) – if you are a larger sized SME
  • PPN 20/61 Carbon Reduction Plans needed for government procurement tenders

Why not get in touch today and lets us help you reach your net-zero goals. The Naturesave Sustainability Service