The Naturesave Trust

The environmental charity funded by Naturesave Insurance

The May – June 2024 funding window is now open!

We are pleased to announce that the theme of this funding window is soil health.

UK soils currently store about 10 billion tonnes of carbon, roughly equal to 80 years of annual UK greenhouse gas emissions. The priority must be to stop further soil degradation and keep that carbon in the soil. But intensive agriculture has caused arable soils to lose about 40 to 60% of their organic carbon to the atmosphere.

Soil scientists have variously claimed that the UK has only enough soil left for another 100 harvests. To reverse this, systemic change is required in the way the land is managed. We need to commit to increasing soil organic matter levels in UK arable and horticultural soils by at least 20% on existing levels in the next 20 years.

If you have a project or initiative working to combat this problem, please apply to the Trust below.

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The Trust obtains 100% of its funding from the premiums generated by Naturesave Insurance. The Trust focuses primarily on grant funding for environmental projects, and also funds sustainability advice for SME’s together with a long running tree planting program. Find out more about how the trust works via the link below.


The total amount raised for the Trust by Naturesave Insurance



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The groundbreaking Solar Bee Project has the twin aims of protecting honeybees from a deadly parasite, without the need for harmful chemicals, whilst also promoting the biodiversity potential of community solar farms.



The Naturesave Trust will consider applications for specific projects from charities, social enterprises and grassroots community organisations whose activities are based within the UK. The Trust operates funding windows each year to help us manage demand and make a fair assessment of the applications we receieve.

See below to find out more about our funding guidelines, or make an application.

Funding Guidelines
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“Naturesave was set up to use the insurance industry as a vehicle for sustainable development. Our charity, The Naturesave Trust, is one of the key manifestations of that endeavour and I am extremely proud of the hundreds of projects that we have supported over the years.” 

Naturesave founder, Matt Criddle

To help the Naturesave Trust continue its environmental work, why not consider Naturesave Insurance for your home, business or charity. If you are already a customer why not share our work with your network.