The Naturesave Trust aids groundbreaking renewable energy coop

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The Naturesave Trust prides itself on helping fund various environmental, conservation and community renewable projects, but when we pledged funding and bought shares in Green Fox Community Energy for John Cleveland Community College Woodheat Co-operative we knew we were investing in a ground-breaking project. Our managing director attended their AGM in June and found out some groundbreaking information.

  • The biomass boiler that is being installed is the first biomass boiler to be installed at a school in the UK. We were there, pledging our support ahead of the game.
  • Prior to the school installing a biomass boiler, they were spending between £150,000 and £200,000 a year on heating the college.
  • The boiler also provides 2/3 of the hot water and central heating for the college and swimming pool. Had they been able to raise more money for the project they could have done 100%.
  • The Naturesave Trust funded the initial design study and purchased shares in the co-operative.

The Naturesave Trust is eager to support other community renewable energy projects like this with both ‘seed corn’ financial assistance and/or insurance protection. For more information in the support that The Naturesave Trust can provide or to apply for funding for your community renewable energy system, please visit The Naturesave Trust section of our website.

As of June 2014 we now allocate 10% of all small scale renewable energy insurance premiums to The Naturesave Trust to assist other community renewable energy projects.

More information on the project can be found at Green Fox Community Co-op website.