Making Business Greener

Naturesave was founded in 1993 to help create a more sustainable insurance industry. Shortly after, the Naturesave Trust was created. The Trust has two principle activities. The first is to provides grants to grassroots organisations for environmental projects across the Uk. The second area is making business greener, by providing professional advice to small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s).

Starting in 1996, this was delivered through our Environmental Performance Review programme. Now in 2023, this service has evolved to suit the needs of todays SME’s. The new Sustainability Service, is designed to act like a virtual sustainability officer, for organisations who otherwise would not have the resources to provide such a role.

Naturesave Trust Sustainability Service

Many SME’s are wanting to reduce their impact but often lack the time, knowledge and resources to achieve their aims. Through this programme, businesses can draw on critical professional knowledge that is key to making the transition to net zero

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