Grant Gives Lobster Hatchery Pioneering New Technology

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A grant from the Naturesave Trust has enabled the Firth of Forth Lobster Hatchery a
chance to be the first to get their hands on a more efficient and cost-effective technology
from Northbay Innovations LTD. The new technology is a juvenile lobster rearing system
which is used to house vulnerable juvenile lobsters before their release into the sea to
restock fished populations.

The systems can house thousands of juvenile lobsters allowing them to grow safely and
comfortably, ensuring they are healthy enough to be put into the sea after a few months.
Hatchery manager Jacob Norton said the new technology was “a great development from
previous systems”. He continued, “This new system is really user friendly and more practical
for the space we have to work in. We have had great success with the system so far, and by
giving us this extra capacity it means we can hold onto the lobsters longer ensuring they are
as healthy as possible before release. Furthermore this new system makes transporting
juveniles a lot easier, which now allows us to easily release juvenile lobsters further around
the Firth of Forth. We can’t thank our funders enough as this new technology will ensure we
continue to improve our output of juvenile lobsters, and now these lobsters can be released
all around the Firth of Forth!”

Firth of Forth is a registered charity focused on protecting lobster population and the fishing heritage of Firth of Forth. You can learn more about their work here.