Food waste initiative works to promote dignity and combat food insecurity

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The Renewal Programme has received £4,085 towards the Newham United Against Food Waste Initiative in the efforts to combat food insecurity in Newham. 

In Newham, 52% of families live in poverty and 1/25 of residents experience homelessness. Many are in low-paid work, earning almost £100 less per week than average Londoners. The Renewal Programme have seen a marked increase in the demand for services such as food banks, warm banks, and hot meals in Newham. It is imperative that the background and cultural sensitivities of the community are taken into account while instilling a sense of dignity and social cohesion through the services provided.

The Renewal Programme are aiming to combat food insecurity in a way that is mindful of Newham’s environment, health, and cultural needs. This grant has helped to fund the purchase of a cargo bike and the training of volunteers to transport surplus food from local restaurants, shops, and market vendors to local food banks in a low-emission way. Whilst historically the Programme relied on cars to transport food donations, the use of cargo bikes will allows them to remove any negative impact on the local environment as well as promote cycling in the local community.

“We are so excited for the launch of the Newham United Against Food Waste Initiative, and this grant from The Naturesave Trust will enable us to support and uplift families in Newham from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with food that is culturally familiar, whilst also being environmentally conscious. By engaging with our community and local businesses in this way, we are working towards a vibrant, empowered, and more cohesive Newham. Thank you to The Naturesave Trust for believing in our vision and making this possible.” – Peter Laing, CEO of the Renewal Programme

The Renewal Programme is a multi-service charity, founded over 50 years ago to help the most vulnerable in our community. Our work continues to be informed by our core values of dignity, inclusion, collaboration, and empowerment. We are determined to stand with Newham residents from disadvantaged backgrounds during these trying times and provide access to support and the services needed to enable them to feel dignified and empowered. You can learn more about their work here.