Eco-friendly floral workshop demonstrates how to reduce single-use plastic foam

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With the help of a grant from the Naturesave Trust, members of flower clubs in Mercia & North Wales benefited from a workshop by Debbie Davies, held at Rossett & Burton Village Hall. Debbie, from Cheshire is a talented floral designer and tutor. Floral foam, traditionally used for flower arranging, is a single use plastic, and when soaked for use, causes microplastics to leach into the water drainage system. The workshop focused on making sustainable structures and containers without foam, based on totally compostable materials, such as straw, biodegradable wire netting and bamboo containers with moss.

Penelope Harrison, Area Secretary of M&NW says “As people who use natural plant materials in our craft, we appreciate the natural world and want to lessen the use of plastic based floral foam in our designs. Debbie helped us by showing how we can use other materials to create floral designs.”

Maggie Evans, one of the participants, said “I wanted to learn eco-friendly and sustainable ways of flower arranging and Debbie definitely delivered and passed on lots of techniques.”

The National Association for Flower Arranging Societies Mercia & North Wales is a charity working to educate and support the flower arranging community through competitively priced courses and workshops. You can learn more about their work here.