Unique Places to Stay Insurance

Insurance that is as unique as your accommodation

Specialist cover for all forms of Unique Places to Stay in the UK.

Naturesave is working to provide owners of Unique Places to Stay and clamping sites with bespoke insurance for their Yurts, Safari Tents, Shepherd’s Huts, Timber Cabins, Strawbale Cottages and Eco B&Bs along with many other exciting and unusual properties.

Our Unique Places to Stay Insurance package can provide specialist all risks material damage cover, rental income protection and liability cover and is designed specifically for owners of Unique Places to Stay. Additionally, this can be augmented with cover for an honesty shop or for providing activities such as bike hire, guided walks and much more.

Cover starts from as little as £392 per year and is tailored for your Unique Place to Stay. Talk to us today or complete the Unique Places to Stay Proposal form and email it to mail@naturesave.co.uk.

As a business, Naturesave believes in supporting low impact eco-friendly holidays and have worked with some of the key players in the Unique Holiday Let market.

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Here are a few claims scenarios to give you an insight into the insurance you may require:

  • Material Damage: The location where the yurt is located floods and the yurt(s) have to be replaced.
  • Accidental Damage: A sharp object accidentally damages the canvas or frame and has to be repaired.
  • Rental Income: A fire or flood (i.e. not ‘bad’ weather) prevents you from opening and you lose rental income.
  • Public Liability: A visitor trips over a broom or rope that has been negligently left unattended and suffers an injury.
  • Employers Liability: An employee slips on a wet or dangerous floor and suffers an injury.

Let us help you run a more sustainable business

If you are unsure about the level of cover required, or about types of business insurance, please do not hesitate to call us directly on 01803 869775 or email us via our contact page for help and a quotation.