Enabling Zero-Emission Trade Waste Recycling Collections

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Hereford Pedicabs provides award-winning pedal powered infrastructure solutions. In short, they move things by bike, with zero emissions. This includes moving people, parcels and waste with zero emissions, reducing the volume of vehicles in the town centre, improving the quality of air and saving carbon. 

The Naturesave Trust funded the purchased of an electric cargo bike and trailer needed to begin the deployment and collection of a low cost mixed recyclables containers to rival the wheelie bin to landfill schemes. The objective of the project is to develop a service which undercuts the current price of wheelie bin services in Hereford city and replaces them with a low-cost option to recycle mixed waste. Using an innovative method of electric cargo bike, trailer and specially designed 600 litre skips the funding allows us to offer a low-cost recycling option to businesses. These businesses are currently confined by price to services which send the contents of wheelie bins to landfill, the cheapest option for them. With the help of the Trust, the company has developed a method of deploying and collecting a container which can rival the wheelie bin schemes.

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