Dartmouth Caring Gardening Project

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The Trust donated towards a project to develop new raised beds in the Dartmouth for Dartmouth Caring to use for their clients, the public and those referred through their new social prescribing initiative. 

The aim of the project was to give three key groups in the town, opportunities to garden. 

1. For those with physical needs, frequently through old age, an opportunity to work with plantings in raised beds, 

2. For our elderly clients that now live in flats with no garden of their own, to give them a chance to get involved, in a small way, once again. 

3. To provide us with an opportunity to offer gardening through social prescribing either to help out or to volunteer. 

The benefits of access to outdoor facilities for older people is well-documented; a research paper published in Science Daily states that it is important to the quality of later life by decreasing boredom, isolation and loneliness’. Addressing the problems caused by loneliness has been one of Dartmouth Caring’s key areas of focus in the last year and the charity is therefore very excited by this latest development. The work carried out in the community garden will benefit the whole of the local community.

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