Creating the South West’s first Solar Powered Auditorium at the Exeter Phoenix

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Exeter Phoenix is a multi artform venue located in the centre of Exeter, Devon. The Phoenix is seen as the local Creative Hub, a vibrant and unique arts organisation, rooted within the community.

The venue consumed nearly £34k of electricity each year. Not only was this a financial strain, but it was also a significant amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. 

The funding from the Trust was used to create the South West’s first Solar Powered Auditorium by installing 54 solar panels on the roof, creating a 17.82kWh system.  The new system created income and reduced costs, providing a financial benefit to Exeter Phoenix of over £80k and a reduction in CO2 output by over 143,000kgs over 20 years. The savings & profits from this project will be used to improve the public spaces in the building ensuring it feels welcoming, warm and inclusive to all visitors. This will help to keep prices low so events are as accessible as possible, and will support the organisations’ financial resilience so they are here for future generations to enjoy. The Phoenix aims to be a model of best practice for sustainability in the arts. 

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