COVID19 Insurance FAQ’s

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  1. Will my home insurance policy be affected by Covid-19? 

If you are now working from home this will be automatically be covered by our home insurance policies, assuming that the work is clerical in nature and you are not receiving work visitors. Any business equipment used (e.g. Laptops) will not be covered by your home insurance and you should check with your employer that these are suitably covered for damage or loss to this equipment away from your office.   

If your property has suffered damage (from a fire, flood or other named peril) and is uninhabitable whilst you are self-isolating please contact us as soon as possible to discuss how best to proceed. The safety of our customers and the wider public remains our priority. This will be managed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that customer interests are best represented whilst acting responsibly and in accordance with the guidelines published by the UK Government. 

If you are quarantined or are unable to travel home from abroad and therefore your home may be left unoccupied for over 30 days, please contact as soon as possible to discuss. Providing that you have made your best endeavours to return then we understand that cover should be extended to accommodate the circumstances. 

Apart from the circumstances above, your home insurance should NOT be affected by Coronavirus, but if you are in any doubt about your particular circumstances then please do get in touch. 

2. I have standard business interruption insurance, will this cover me for the Coronavirus pandemic 

Standard Business Interruption Insurance that most businesses take up, has no provision for forced closure by local authorities or Government. These policies were designed to protect businesses against events which cause physical damage to premises, resulting in a business being unable to trade. Some policies have extensions or clauses for infectious diseases. 

3. My business insurance has a clause for infectious diseases, does this mean I am covered for Business Interruption due to Covid-19?

Some Business Interruption policies have clauses or extensions that cover infectious diseases however these often consist of a list of specified diseases. Coronavirus COVID-19 will not be included in these lists as it was unknown until recently.  Some policies, however, are non-specific and now that COVID-19 is recognised as a notifiable disease, it may be covered. As insurance cover differs from policy to policy you should get in touch with us to discuss.

4. The Government have announced that businesses would be covered against closures, due to the pandemic. Does this apply to my policy and does my business need to be asked to close before this takes effect?

Only a very small number of policies do include pandemic cover. In these cases, businesses may be covered against closures although this will depend on specific clauses and conditions within the policy.  As insurance cover differs from policy to policy you should get in touch with us to discuss. 

5. My policy includes a clause that covers the prevention of access to my premises due to an enforced closure. Does this mean I will be covered for any related losses?

This type of clause or extension is designed to cover losses that occur as a result of restricted access or closure by the authorities. The cause is defined as a specific incident occurring within a certain radius from the business premises. It does not, unfortunately, apply to nationwide events such as a global pandemic.  Equally, in the event of a government enforced nationwide lockdown, it is still not be triggered due to the absence of a specific event local to the premises.

6. When I renew my insurance will it offer any protection against the Coronavirus?

Most insurers are specifically excluding the Coronavirus from all renewals and new quotations. 

7. My event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, will this be covered by my policy 

As always the conditions of individual policies vary so this will need to be looked at in detail. As with the standard business interruption cover, this is not covered as standard but may be included as an optional extra.  

8. With my business activities stopped or severely reduced will I be able to cancel my cover?

You will retain the right to cancel your policy in line with the relevant policy wording.  We will continue to ensure no barriers to customers needing to take this course of action. 

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