Conservation Project For Isle Of Wight Red Squirrels

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Woodlands on the Island are under-managed and have a particular shortage of areas managed with red squirrels and other native flora and fauna as a priority. Neglected hazel coppice also impacts on the supply of hazelnuts for the squirrels.

With the support of the Naturesave Trust, volunteers and landowners, WoodWorks aim to demonstrate that woodlands can be sensitively and sustainably managed. The Trust has provided a grant which was used to buy the tools and equipment necessary to begin woodland management.

The sustainability of the project will be provided by selling a percentage of the wood we generate (via management such as coppicing hazel and felling dangerous trees) as kindling and firewood. We will also process suitable wood into timber with which to produce a variety of ‘added value’ products such as bird, bat and squirrel boxes, plant pot holders and keyrings. Large quantities of wood will remain on-site in the form of habitat and log piles and dead hedges to maintain the biodiversity value of the woodlands. 

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