Client Profile – incognito, 100% natural insect repellent

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Howad Ltd, a client of Naturesave since 2009, is the ecologically principled company behind the award-winning internationally renowned incognito® range of 100% natural and 100% effective mosquito and other insect repellent products. Their flagship product is an insect repellent spray, which is clinically recognized to protect against mosquito borne diseases including Malaria.

The London based company was founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Howard Carter and Patricia Conlon seeking to meet a universal need for environmentally safe and effective insect repellent products. Striving to outmode ecologically and personally detrimental chemicals such as Deet, it took 10 years of research to develop their range.

The product range includes; insect repellent spray and roll-on, a new tri-action suncream insect repellent, hair & body wash, moisturiser, soaps, deodorant, incense, room refreshers, essential oil, and ‘zap-ease’ after bite relief. Raw materials are processed as naturally as possible and extreme care is taken to minimize environmental impact with; supply chain transparency, minimal packaging including recyclable materials and plastic made from sugarcane waste, organic materials where possible, a fully vegan range of products, and mainly UK manufacturing with care taken regarding global delivery impact.

incognito also promotes significant environmental awareness in the workplace, works with ethical investors and returns 10% of their profits every year to local and ecologically concerned charities. Participation with tree planting charities allows the company to offset their carbon usage with tree planting work in the Southern hemisphere.

Awards include the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development 2015 (an award Naturesave were also proud to be awarded in 2011) along with the Waitrose Way Treading Lightly award, and People and the Environment Award (PEA) for Travel and Tourism in 2014.

incognito products are widely available from high street retailers including Robert Dyas, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Planet Organic, and Wholefoods, as well as internationally.

Question 1:

Tell us what you think makes your business/organisation unique?

incognito is the most effective 100% natural insect repellent on the market, and not only that –we are the only insect repellent clinically proven to protect against malaria when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net. incognito has designed a unique range of products which are designed to work in conjunction with one another to lower your attractiveness to insects – keeping you totally protected anywhere in the world. All products are safe for use on small children.

Question 2

What is the thing that you are most passionate about in running your business/organisation?

The company was started to provide a safe alternative to using pesticides on skin to defend against insect bites. Environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to protect the health of our users, without damaging the health of our planet. We make sure that we have fair relationships with our partners, as well as that we are carbon neutral (with the long-term goal of being carbon negative, i.e. removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than we emit). Finally, we donate 10% of all profits to local and environmental charities.

Question 3

Can you tell us why you chose to insure with Naturesave?

We love dealing with like-minded companies and are always looking to collaborate and support with fellow green organisations. Naturesave is unique in its ethical approach to insurance, so we are so happy to be able to work with them, particularly as their values and goals are well aligned with our own.

Question 4

What do you believe is the single biggest action people can take to reduce their environmental impact?

Campaign! Spreading the message one voice at a time is a truly powerful way of tackling the many unethical and unsustainable practices currently happening worldwide. As a single action, starting a conversation, writing a blog, or joining a campaign can have a huge multiplying factor, & encourage others to get involved and put pressure on damaging activities.

Buy natural and organic locally sourced products with minimal packaging. Walk to the shops. Ask companies to make their packaging less/recyclable/made from recycled materials.