As a committed ethical insurance broker, we believe that claims handling is the ultimate test of service and therefore have invested in our own in-house claims department.  In the event of a claim, our claims team will;

  • Ensure you understand what is covered by your policy
  • Keep you informed of progress at all stages
  • Help ensure your claim is submitted correctly
  • Give insights and advice as to likely outcomes
  • Help to mitigate any losses you may have
  • Ensure the process is as swift and painless as possible
  • Challenge insurers if we think they have got it wrong

Please remember to notify us at the first opportunity.

Home, personal and travel insurance claims

In the event that you need to make a claim on either your home or personal insurance, then we recommend you call our claims team at the earliest opportunity. IF you can not find your policy documents, our team will be able to locate them for you. The team will talk you through the next steps to resolving your claim with the minimum disruption.

You can visit our document download centre to access a full range of claim forms under Home Insurance

Commercial, charity and renewable energy claims

At Naturesave we use a wide variety of insurance companies to suit the needs of our clients. As such, the process of making claims will vary depending on the insurer. For that reason we offer an in-house claims process in which our claims team follow up the claim on your behalf.

If you do have to make a claim, we therefore recommend you contact our claims team at the first opportunity. All we will need is a description of the claim and supporting photos.

Our clients share their claims experience

Home insurance 

“I’ve been insured by Naturesave for years, originally because of having a timber frame with strawbale infill extension. Over the years I’ve always been impressed by their speedy, friendly and efficient service, but my impression of them has now increased, a few weeks ago I had my e-bike stolen, I informed them and they were really helpful and lovely. In two days I had the confirmation that they’d cover my loss, so I could go ahead and get a new bike, I was mobile again in 5 days and paid in under 2 weeks. If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly and responsive insurance company you’ve found them.”

Ms Shimell, Sheffield.


Commercial Insurance 

“We had a problem with a roof-mounted solar PV array on a school building in Exeter. We discovered that the scaffolder, employed by the main contractor was responsible for the damage to the roof when the solar array was being fitted. The issue threatened to negatively impact our relationship with the school.  However, with the help of Naturesave we were able to peruse the main contractor’s insurers who eventually, after much pressure, consented to meet the full cost of the claim.

 We were happy, the school were happy and even the contractor was happy that the whole mess had been sorted out. It took sometime and at tempers did get frayed, but Naturesave oiled the wheels. Their assistance in resolving this matter was invaluable. A specialist renewable energy insurance broker that truly supports and works for community renewable energy organizations. We cannot commend them highly enough”

 Gill Wyatt – Exeter Community Energy Ltd


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