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Naturesave specialises in the provision of insurance for transition groups and has a long history dealing with the requirements and activities of Transition groups. We currently insure over 50 Transition groups and/or related groups. When setting up or managing a transition group (or any form of community group), you should ensure that one person is responsible for your insurance arrangements. This person will need to keep a record of the various activities that the group is involved with.

The decentralised structure of a transition group is not one that most insurance companies are used to dealing with and it is important to convey the size and the scope of your organisation, along with a full description of the activities of the group to any insurance company you approach. Transition activities can be wide ranging and not all insurance companies are comfortable with them. It is also very important, prior to taking out insurance, that all your activities are disclosed to your insurance company, which could include;

  • Monthly group meetings, film shows and talks
  • Running a community café/ outdoor catering projects
  • Garden/allotment share scheme projects
  • Stalls at local fetes, schools and fairs promoting sustainable living climate change issues
  • Group visits to local sustainable projects
  • Redevelopment of unused community buildings
  • Maintenance of local meadow/woodlands
  • Tree planting, coppicing, pollarding and landscape maintenance
  • Plant and produce swap events
  • Open homes events
  • Workshops on sewing/cookery/energy saving
  • Putting together materials and advice on reducing energy usage
  • Energy efficiency surveys
  • Involvement in renewable energy projects

Additional activities can be included in the cover; however, the cover is only as good as the details of the activities disclosed to the insurance company. In particular, you should be careful when starting new projects to check that you have notified your insurer and they have confirmed you are covered for the new activities, especially those such as tree planting that includes manual exertion, etc.

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