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What can we do in response to David Attenborough's Extinction: The Facts

Our response to David Attenborough’s After Extinction. Positive actions you can take today

For those immersed in the plight of our climate and our environment, David Attenborough’s Extinction: The Facts documentary will probably be reinforcing unfortunate truths you already grapple with. For others, it may have been a moment of stark realisation that we have a serious crisis on our hands.  One thing that must have united all

Open Cast Coal mine

The Insurance Industry’s Climate Change Challenge

How the insurance industry could radically improve our success in fighting climate change A healthy insurance industry will not be possible in a world in the grip of human-induced climate change. It is time to expand one of the underpinning concepts of insurance: the solidarity of the risk community. Jeremy Leggett, founder of Solarcentury and


COVID19 Insurance FAQ’s

Need to contact us? Call 01803 864390 9-5pm Monday-Friday Will my home insurance policy be affected by Covid-19?  If you are now working from home this will be automatically be covered by our home insurance policies, assuming that the work is clerical in nature and you are not receiving work visitors. Any business equipment used (e.g. Laptops) will not be covered by your home insurance and you

Naturesave Buy One Get One Tree

Buy One Get One Tree

Naturesave’s long running tree planting policy to fight climate change For every customer who switches their insurance to Naturesave, we plant them a tree. For many years we planted a tree for every home insurance customer who had stayed with us for more than ten years. In 2018, the Committee on Climate Change announced that

Honeybee with varroa mite sitting on honeycombs

The Naturesave Solar Bee Project

Naturesave Trust funded project brings together cutting edge bee conservation with community solar farms. The Solar Bee Project is an initiative funded by the Naturesave Trust that aims to protect honey bees from the deadly varroa mite using thermosolar beehive technology. The project is being rolled out over five sites across the country and aims

Electric car revolution

Are you ready for the electric car revolution

Time to think electric? With climate change now reframed to what it really is, an emergency, and with ever increasing awareness of traffic pollution, there never has been a stronger reason to consider an electric car. The reason why this is a revolution in the making is that upon investigation, it soon becomes apparent that