Support Our Campaign

We are not asking for you to sign another petition. Instead we ask that you consider Naturesave for your insurance needs. We operate at the heart of the insurance industry, working hard to bring change from within. Our position and our relationships enable us to lobby key figures within insurance on matters relating to protecting the environment.

Our continued success demonstrates to the industry the existence of a healthy demand for green and ethical insurance. The big insurance companies, like all large organisations, can be resistant to change unless it is driven by the market. Taking insurance with Naturesave, provides the industry with market evidence of the shifting mood amongst the public, who want businesses to take more urgent and far reaching action to protect the environment.

Naturesave’s Green Credentials

  1. 10% of selected premiums go to environmental causes via our charity The Naturesave Trust.
  2. We plant a tree for very new policy issued under our Buy One Get One Tree program
  3. We are committed to the renewables sector and assist the growth of the low carbon industries by finding affordable insurance solutions when the wider insurance market is resistant. In home insurance we treat renewables as standard.  We are also a key provider of insurance for community energy, and back emerging technology such as battery storage. Our aim is to help solve insurance challenges that often arise with new technology.
  4. From eco homes to straw bale houses, we are generally positive towards those who are pushing envelope when it comes to sustainable house design. We believe that many of the design features of the grand designs of today will be the standard features of the volume built homes of tomorrow.
  5. Our commercial insurance approach is favoured by businesses that put sustainability at their core of what they do. All clients are provided with a free Energy Performance Review providing the opportunity to further reduce waste and energy consumption
  6. We support charities and community organisations, helping provide their often unique insurance needs. Many of these groups are not having their needs met by the insurance industry. Sometimes this is  because the insurance industry does not understand their needs. In other instances organisations, such as community energy groups, do not have the business knowledge to interact successfully with the insurance company. Naturesave play a pivotal enabling role in ensuring this important sector is not held back.