Bright Green Hydrogen Educational Engagement Project

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Bright Green Hydrogen is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote the use of renewable energy and energy storage technologies. Their Education programme has been running since 2009 and includes STEAM workshops which have reached over 30,000 pupils and members of the public.  Their renewable energy and energy storage system boasts solar PV, a wind turbine, and also state of the art hydrogen storage. These technologies have allowed them to take their whole business park “off-grid”. 

Funding from the Naturesave Trust enabled the organisation to purchase K’nex kits which are now used to teach pupils about renewable energy and how it can be stored and used. The kits are STEM based and will allow pupils to learn through hands-on experiments. K’nex have a line of educational kits which are specially designed for school use.

Bright Green Hydrogen aims to maximise new employment and skills opportunities arising in this sector, and by working with local primary, secondary, college and university students, we can enable students to have the best chance of securing work placements, further training and a job in the future.  

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