Are you ready for the electric car revolution

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Time to think electric?

With climate change now reframed to what it really is, an emergency, and with ever increasing awareness of traffic pollution, there never has been a stronger reason to consider an electric car. The reason why this is a revolution in the making is that upon investigation, it soon becomes apparent that electric car revolution is not only winning on the environmental front but on just about every other measure you can think of.

Benefits beyond pollution

Electric cars are now affordable, the cheapest electric car now starts at as little as £12,500 and new affordable models are coming out all the time. They are also easier and simpler to drive with some offering the one pedal driving experience. This refers to the way the car slows once the driver stops accelerating, which can often enable drivers to complete an entire journey with little need to switch to the brake pedal. On our increasingly congested roads, this can really change the driving experience.   Whilst not all electric cars offer this feature, they all give a more relaxed driving experience, with no engine noise, no gear changing and no stalling at the traffic lights or on hill starts.

Whilst the upfront cost may be higher, electric cars are cheaper to maintain and run than their diesel and petrol equivalents. The maintenance costs are lowing due to so few moving parts, and the fuel costs are so much lower because they are so much more efficient.   This efficiency also means that electric cars tend to offer faster acceleration that is further enhanced by not requiring any gear changes.

Now Within Range

One of the perceived drawbacks of electric cars is their range, however with the average car journey in England found to be only eight miles, this is becoming a thing of the past.  The most recent electric cars now offer ranges of over 200 miles, including the latest Renault Zoe which has a published range of 250 miles.

The point about charging

When it comes to charging, the market is evolving to meet demand. A variety of chargers are now available which can offer a variety of rates of charge. The most rapid chargers claim they can charge most EV’s to 80% in up to an hour.  As this can be done whilst parked at home or at the office, charging becomes preferable to queuing at the petrol station.

Naturesave customer Raw Charging offers Electric Vehicle charging for homes and commercial operations. The chargers are simple, scalable and user-friendly.

As EV owners tend to be new to the technology Raw Charging offer provide a no-obligation assessment of the most viable solutions for any site of any size, domestic or commercial. They also offer various funding packages to help with cash flow. Business chargers can be used internally e.g for employees free parking, but can also generate revenue if business owners choose to charge visitors to use the installations. The revenue generated from any power sold can then be transferred once a month directly into the bank.

With all the boxes ticked, the electric car revolution looks set to fly.

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If you want to more about the benefits of electric cars, visit Naturesave partner One Home, who provide practical, independent and impartial guides on sustainable living including detailed advice on electric cars.