Amala Forest Garden Nest

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Karuna Insight design is a practice which carries forward a vision for a better future, established in 2008 in Shropshire.  Many hundreds of inspired visitors and volunteers have had direct experience of the benefits of the project. Many more have been inspired and influenced by what they have seen and learned from a distance via numerous Permaculture publications and the Internet.

This highly creative grass-roots project has unfolded beautifully in the past decade and is now set to take a leap into its next stage. ‘Amala Forest Garden Nest’ is the name of the new education and well-being building at Karuna Insight Design.

When the centre is up and running, many more people will be to access this unique Forest Garden demonstration site. A rapidly growing design which stands out as a fabulous example of thoughtful landscape design and permaculture principals, which when put into practice brings a myriad of benefits to both community and environment. 

“We and the community are truly grateful to Naturesave trust for part- funding this wonderful little new educational facility.  The money was used to start groundworks for the site to create an access road from the existing visitor’s car park to the actual site of Amala Forest Garden Nest.” 

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